Tuesday, April 12, 2011

OMG I love @yourbitch

First off, baby you don't know what your pussy do

Sexond off, I love your bitch. I fuck yo bitch. I take your bitch out to fine dining, pay for the whole affair, then have an affair with your whole thang. Breakin it off like damn. Hottest bipod sexin. + walkin goddamn. Bitch followin KKM on twitter like you already didn't think the pussy was Legend @kkmstl showin hella love to a dick. Bought steak and lobsters like she ain't even eat meat, just to be like damn bitch, I already know you eatin meat. Bitch ate meat ya feel? Damn lobster was fine, pussy was fine, steak was aight. Wine and dine all day, Step 4 all life, dick all pussy, white bone, red bone, all pussy gettin boned. Had a big bowl of rolls like I was payin for the shit haha.
I paid extra for the shit real talk.
Nibbled on ya girl's ear while she was nibblin' on a roll. Damn, hope you weren't at the same restaurant as yo bitch was, cuz I was right there, and you were not right there. Damn Damn. Bitch laughin at all my jokes, and she ain't even laugh at you (oh, she laughs at you though ya know). Damn I'm so charming. Bitch said I was so sex that she ain't even wait for the sex before I gave her the sex.
Damn, that's not even storylookin, ya can't even hear me right now like ya girl can.
And I'm not even tryin to pull like that. It's just physics man. I'm just too physical with your girl ya know. Too damn swagged out to not get the pull. So much pull on my dick, even God's sayin damn.
Look at me whisperin to your girl. Don't hate. Appreciate that I may be savin your ass. Cuz I know that girl's savin a little of me in her ass. Take a note in your phone. Txt yourself. Cuz ya girl ain't txtin you. Does she pull her hair back like that for you? God damn sippin wine like that? She's like some kinda super human. You know what I mean. Maybe you don't. You probably don't. Don't blame me guy, I'm just a rapper. You know what rappers do. Does she wear just her necklace around the house for you, or is it just my house? Or wait, I've seen her in your house too right. Or is that my new house too? I just never see you there so a man's gonna make assumptions. Hot damn pussy. Pussy.


-Pimp Kane

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