Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sleepin On the Ground

I just want to remind all ya'll that you can find inspiration everywhere.

The world is full of beauty and pain and craziness and stories that you can steal and turn into your own. Good rhymes can come from anywhere and number one hit songs can be found on any old day when some crilch is asking you about sex with a woman at a stop light. Get inspired by your friends and heshers. Get inspired by hispanic men buttoning just the top button of their flannel shirts and dogs fighting in the park. By water clouds, crying cats, couple fucking in cars in the middle of the day, cum trees, pussy trees, sandwiches, beers, odd looking squirrels, old guys like Devin the dude who are still rapping. ANYTHING! You just have to see the potential.

Please also remember that King Kong Magnetics will always do it better.

Sweet tasting bitches with sour puss,
-Paula Crilch

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