Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Holy Wow New Post Serious

Dead serious.  KKM still tearing it up (all of it) even though the last post on here was from June.  June was four months ago.  We're in the future now.  We're on the real serious circuit.  Dick or Treat with us on Halloween (REAL Halloween, not all the fake Halloweens that come before and after - real talk) at the Upstairs Lounge.


Saturday, June 18, 2011

It's summer

Summer is the best. Hands down. Soon as it gets hot, skirts get shorter, clothes get thinner. Legs, breasts, thighs, all out for the lookin'.

god bless sundresses.

bitches like bitches

-Paula Crilch

Friday, June 17, 2011

You Chube

Oh yeah, I also done't uploaded't all of KKM's sets what I had on video from 12/18/2010 and also 01/12/2011 to YouChube.  Check it out on this YouChube channel.  Maybe you'll have to dig for it a bit, but I don't care.

05/14/2011 set coming soon, too.


Razor-Cake And Eat It, Too

Dang ya sluts, check this out!

Or just read my copy-and-paste of it here:


Futuristic Money Makers: CD

Sixth-tier rap crap with rudimentary rhymes and an obsession with pussy and blowjobs. No prude am I, and I’m easily one of the most hip hop friendly folks on staff, but Kool Keith, or even Luke Skywalker, these guys decidedly are not. –Jimmy Alvarado (Pancake Productions, pancakeproductions.net)


Hah hah, we duped RAZORCAKE into listenin' to KKM!  I like the part about Luke Skywalker.


Friday, May 20, 2011


so get your crotch spots wet n shit. All right everyone, the rapture is less than 24 hours away so we better get to four steppin in overdrive so that when that white dude called jesus comes a callin we be fully satisfied. It might seem bleak thinking about the world ending and all but just remember, the sky is gonna be full o bitches come 5 o'clock tomorrow night.

- Paula Crilch

Sunday, May 15, 2011


So fresh, so mutual, so crispy, so self-help, so absolute.  Protect your presents.  KKM step it up another notch.  You missed last night?  You missed everything.  Best birthday party on planet earth.  Step into your time machine and get to the Way Out Club last night.  It's the only excuse for using it to go anywhere but the future.  One more time around with King Kong Magnetics, the crilchin'-est salve for the rash that ails you.  I'm talkin' so V.D.  So pork-steak buffet.  Keep on whorin' in the United States of Hamerica.  I'll get down on a real bad bitch.