Sunday, April 10, 2011


don't yall forget to follow our dumb asses on twitter, we been blowin that shit up and sayin all kinds of fannies and roflz. important updates, shoutouts to mayors and deities, russel crowe, different types of swag, oprah, fred durst, drug references, positivity, negativity, more drug references, sex references, reference sections, pound signs, at signs, twitter, john legend, we like breathe, .com, inside jokes, outside time, next to myself, inner beauty is bullshit, fat asses and check cashes, my dick, other peoples crispies, junk, jack, jank, boo boo jank jank, bow snap,  legend legend legend, doggies, KATZ, rhonda sikez, barry bird, montel jordan (#23), way more crisp crilch swag than steve harvey could smile his shitty mouth into. swag hard, be more rofl than ever. we will always be better than everybody that ever has or will existed to be again futuristically. i breathe.

@KKMSTL    on twitter. follow, my little sheepiez

-Luc st. louis (cinco swag)

-King Kong Magnetics

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