Saturday, April 23, 2011

Boo Boo'n

Coming was called to my attention tonight when the subject was mentioned at a concert with friends. What I gained most from this was that there are so many different ways that a crilch can come. Some crays may come confetti onto butt holes while some criches' cum is full of tiny goldfish crackers. I'm sure that some people may think fucking is the only way to really come, they are wrong. However direct and efficient humpin to the top of ecstasy mountain may be, it is only one method of reaching orgasm. To fully reap the benefits of a futuristic orgasm, one must first recognize that coming is an immediate response to one of The Four Steps, but is not a step itself. The step that leads us into orgasm, is Step Four: Get Your Dick Sucked. This step is highly important in the cycle of The Four Steps. Because maintenance of The Four Steps is crucial in attaining the highest level of Futuristic being, we must complete Step Four with diligence and enjoyment, thus the cum. All this being said, a true dandy knows how to tap into his or her own mossy higher being and discover their fullest existential cum capabilities. Try rubbing grass clippings between a lovers toes or roll nude in a corn crib. Huffing duster and other substances may excite certain crilches, while lacker and carn whiskey may be just the trick for others. Whatever it is that provides the greatest output of relaxation and Four Step Being, do not be fearful to explore it. Rubber Rat enjoys margarita anal fumes while listening to the baseball game on a.m. radio. All Bug Derl needs is some turkey and quack tracks. Paula Crilch occasionally finds her o face at the thought of hairy freaks feeding one another lacker filled candies and smoking angel dust. Cinco Swag once put a pool ball into his own ball sac and ate an entire bag of flamin hot cheetos. Shit might seem odd at times or frightening, but always remember that no matter how you do it, coming helps you reach another dimension.

- Paula Crilch.

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