Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Snowball Swag

Winter feelings is almost gone (shit, it was supposed to snow last night but the weather was like fuck it) so you know that spring is next up which means girls lookin fly as fuck and more rap songs and trees smellin like pussy (and pussy smellin like trees). But damn, we still got so much snow in our swag, which we have to credit to all our supporters and haters, the people who came out to our shows, the people who bought Futuristic Money Makers (some copies are still available at Pancake Productions, CD Baby, Vintage Vinyl, and Euclid Records),  the people who are checking out YouTube videos we're posting up (about 20 in the last few days bitches), the people who are following us on Twitter, the people checking out our Facebook page, the people who still get on Myspace to check out our music, people making music, people buying music, people stealing music, people trying to stop people stealing music, the PRESENT, the FUTURE, some of the people who are from the past (but not the ones lookin' at the past and staying in the past), the people using TEKNOLOGY, the people from Thailand, the bitches suckin dick, the Four Steppers, the 11th and 12th Dimensions (respectively), higher planes of consciousness, higher plains of unconsciousness, REAL TALKERS, the girls lookin fine as hell, the graf artists, the treaty makers, the weirdos that's pushing boundaries and norms forward toward the FUTURE, the Hadron Particle Accelerator, Sam Cassell (pictured above, stompin on hella boobs), Cinco Swag, pictures of cats, the people on the Internet supporting our music, the Pancake Houses and Master, 24 hour joints, 24 hour breakfast buffets, 3 o clock bars, Klaus Kinski, all the rock music and soul music and doo-wop music and ragtime music for pavin the way and lookin toward the future with an open mind's eye, new neighbors that ain't dicks, tricycle makers (not a dead art), fisher women, new used cars, new new cars, bitches makin popcorn, Kool Keith, Pam Grier, the real estate market (domestic and abroad), Old Vienna Red Hot Riplets, Mars Bars INC, Hershey's INC, all the candy manufacturers in Sweden and abroad, Carmello Anthony, Lil B, OFWGKTA, bitches wearin glasses, all the carpenters, Based janitors, the zoint rollers, the zoint smokers, the PIONEERS, all the teachers and rappers, kids who volunteer for positive reasons and keep negativity away from the kids they go to school with, Earl Boykins, free zoos, people on the grind, 45 King, the family of those who need thankin, Robert Mitchum, the BBQers in Memphis, the whole West Coast (even Washington State), women athletes, that girl from the supermarket I saw once, and the Super Infinite.

If you have been mentioned above, THANK YOU. You keep the swag alive. We do this for you. Let's get this candy. Keep Sex alive, stay LEGEND. 4 Steps.

-Pimp Kane

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