Monday, March 7, 2011


In addition to Four Stepping, KKM has been busy doing shows (if  you didn't see us at Upstairs, you missed an opportunity to make a whole bunch of fucking money - the bartender was fucking sweeping money up off the floor and throwing it away because there was too much left over at the end of the night), making videos, and recording new ass songs.

And you're probably left wondering how we can pack some much action into a day? Goddamnit. Goddamnit. Fucking Goddamnit.

I'll tell you how I do it, because otherwise you motherfuckers would be wandering around too much in your wondering. Get your head straight legend. First, people gotta eat and shit cuz we're animals and shit. We need to put food (and drank) in our bodies so we can fuck bitches and give y'alls some rap songs. Shit. We also need to shit out a bunch of shit that our body doesn't even need (like water from drank - that's why your blood is so clear, you don't know this?).

These things take time!

Time out of a day that is already packed with so much fucking shit and how the fuck am I gonna be legend when I gotta do all this shit I can't not do ya feel?

Ok, so I gotta say, sometimes you have to multitask. Which can be hard as fuck! You gotta get into slow like. Don't put like a thousand bitches on your dick at first, just start out with like three or four. Like that.  For instance, I've started eatin while I'm shittin (and drankin while I'm shittin and eatin too). And you know hoes is gonna be askin what you're doin in there cuz they want the dick right? And they can pester your shit and get on some goddamn nerves until ya just gotta be all, "Bitch, I'm doin some work in here! Goddamnit, Goddamnit!" She can't see you're saving time behind that door so you can be fuckin and getting so damn high later because shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

So open up the goddamn door.

Open Door Policy Bitches.

Sometimes a legend's gotta eat while he's shittin, and get his dick licked while he shits (crazy bitches fiendin for a dick).

And I know y'all feelin that Daylight Savings bullshit coming up and you're wondering how you're going to get all that shit done with an hour less in your day. Shit, you can't skip a Step in The Cycle. You know that shit. Don't even come around here trying to think you can pull some bullshit like that. Look at you motherfucker. Don't gimme that shit. Suck that shit up. Get high while you shit while you eatin while you getting yo dick licked if you have to (but still Get Yo Dick Sucked after you Take a Nap and before you Wake Up, shit, but I know hoes like you know hoes).

Once I had to put a bitch in another bitch, just so I could fuck both bitches at the same time. The things a pimp's gotta do...

-Pimp Kane

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